Stupid Qubit 002 – LINKS

The scientists and their projects

NQIT home page – a great, clearly-explained site with lots of info on UK quantum computing efforts

Professor Simon Benjamin’s bio page at NQIT

Professor Winfried Hensinger’s bio page at the University of Sussex, and a video of a public lecture he gave on quantum computing in 2017

Vera Schäfer’s bio page at the University of Oxford

Microsoft’s quantum website

Professor Leo Kouwenhoven’s page at TU Delft

Microsoft’s quantum experts explain their topological qubits to an audience in London back in 2017 (video)

Quantum News

Adiabatic Award

After our wholly unwarranted and inaccurate pee-taking, we thought we’d stick in a link to Sam Mugel’s well-explained blog on quantum tech.

Quantum Questions

Home page of Ray Jayawardhana, author of “Neutrino Hunters”, and an article on his thoughts about the nippy uncontainable particles from Business Insider.


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